Marine Heat Exchangers

Marine Heat Exchangers exhaust manifold is necessary on marine engines. To reduce the temperature of the engine-room air space and the exhaust pipe. Our development is to combine a water jacketed exhaust manifold with the heat exchanger and header tank. This arrangement particularly suitable for small series-produced engines; the manifold cooled by fresh water and a result a keel-cooled engine. It can made by omitting the heat exchanger tube stack and the sea-water pump. On installation the fresh-water outlet from the manifold would connected to the keel pipes and the return taken back to the engine fresh-water pump.

Heat exchanger/manifold assemblies are heavier than ordinary marine manifolds. And must  supported on the underside using the fixing lugs provided. If the exhaust manifold is in the sea-water circuit it should be installed with the sea-water inlet at the back and the outlet at the front on the top. To ensure that it operates completely full of sea-water. If the manifold is in the fresh-water circuit a small by-pass hole must be provided in the thermostat to ensure that some water is circulating through the manifold at ail times.