FRP Cooling Tower

FRP Cooling Towers manufactured with Glass reinforced plastic mostly in wind with standing bottle type and square type models. It is a mechanical type Counter Flow Tower. FRP Cooling tower intakes the air from bottom and discharge the waste heat at the top. Since the water is traveling from top and the air passes from bottom to top. The water droplet have more direct contact time with air. The wet cooling Towers cooled with the help of evaporating some proportionate quantity of cirulating water.

frp bottle type cooling tower
frp bottle type cooling tower

The bottle type tower casing filled with Honeycomb type PVC FILLS. The rotating water distributor sprinkler fixed in the top of the inlet pipeline and the same distributes the hot water evenly over the Honeycomb Fill media. The sprinkler will operated with self-propulsion system. The PVC Fills corrugated with channels between each flutes to prevent the blockage and giving more and large surface area per unit volume. The cold air meets the cold water at the bottom of the infill providing maximum evaporation and heat transfer in the infill.

Finally FRP Cooling Towers are more compact, light in weight, least power consumption, long-lasting, Durable and lowest maintenance expenditure. Since Hot dip galvanized structural and stainless steel fasteners used, FRP Towers are corrosion Free.

Adjustable pitch, Aluminium [LM-6] or FRP Fan Blades are directly mounted on the Electric motor [IP 55, with Stainless steel shaft, TEFC Special type cooling tower motor] to avoid excess power consumption and unnecessary gear driven problems. All moving parts can easily approached from top. So easy maintenance is possible. Smaller capacities factory assembled and just bolting at site is enough. However higher capacities assembled into the site only to avoid excess transportation cost. Our range includes 10 TR to 5000 TR in single cell and multiple cells used for further capacities.

frp square cooling tower
frp square cooling towers
FRP Multi Cell Square Cooling Tower
FRP Multi Cell Square Cooling Towers