Compact Heat Exchangers

The purpose of heat exchangers is to transfer heat from one fluid (either gas or liquid) to another. Compact heat exchangers (CHEs) have a significantly greater surface area per unit volume than more conventional types of heat exchanger. For the purposes of the ECA
Scheme, a CHE is defined as a heat exchanger with a surface to volume ratio of > 200

Compact heat exchangers are characterized by a high surface area per unit volume, which can result in a higher
efficiency than conventional heat exchangers, in a significantly smaller volume (typically
Compact heat exchangers can achieve efficiencies of over 95% cf. 80% for non-compact heat exchangers).
Compact heat exchangers transfer more energy in a cost-effective manner than other heat exchangers and save
more energy when compared to standard technology.


  • To be eligible for inclusion on the Energy Technology Product List, products must meet the eligibility criteria as set out below..


  • Investments in CHEs can only qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances if the specific product is named on the Energy Technology Product List.

Three types of compact heat exchanger are covered by the ECA Scheme. These are:

  • Plate-fin heat exchangers.
  • Compact heat exchangers with precision formed surfaces.

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